Private Instruction

Most of us are familiar with yoga classes taught in a group setting, but the advent of group classes is a relatively recent phenomenon. For thousands of years, yoga was taught on a one-to-one basis; teacher to student. While group yoga classes are seriously fun and rewarding on many levels, there are many good reasons to engage a qualified teacher for private instruction.

Why private instruction?

  • You’ve never taken a yoga class before and wish to learn the basics before jumping into a group setting
  • You have a special condition such as an injury or illness that would be better served through a customized program
  • You wish to deepen your practice or work on a particular class of poses with more individualized attention
  • Your schedule prevents you from getting to a regular class
  • You simply prefer the privacy and individualized attention!

Teachers offering private instruction do so independently of Sage Yoga and therefore, set their own prices. Please contact the teacher you wish to work with directly or contact us for more information.


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