Class Descriptions

$5 Community Class: Happy Hour Flow (All Levels)
Take some time for yourself after your busy week and enjoy Friday Happy Hour Flow. This class is great for all levels, using modifications that make beginners feel comfortable, yet can challenge a more experienced yogi. A combination of revitalizing flow sequences, an eclectic variety of music, and spiritual insights offered will benefit mind, body, and spirit. After class, you can look forward to socializing with fellow yogis and enjoy special treats to sample such as wheatgrass shots, fresh-squeezed juices, smoothies, and healthy snacks! This class is affordable to all with just a $5 donation suggested. Each month, Sage will be choosing a charity of choice to donate the proceeds to. Come give what you can and take a lot more away with you when you leave the mat!

Dharma Gentle Yoga (All Levels)
This gentle practice is designed to add the healing and toning qualities of yoga into practitioners’ lives. It will start with guided warm-up stretches and transition into simple sitting and standing poses to loosen the joints, promote good posture and balance. Breathing exercises and relaxation bring calmness between poses and at the conclusion of class.

Dharma Yoga 2/3 (Intermediate)
A comprehensive Dharma Level 2 class for intermediate students that incorporates practices from the 8-limbed yogic path: asana (physical poses), pranayama (breathing techniques), meditation, and yogic philosophy.  Moderately paced, this class is appropriate for those who have some yoga background / or familiarity with the Dharma Level 1 sequence and for those who are looking to take their practice to the next level.

Evening / Week Wind-Down Vinyasa Flow (All Levels – Intermediate)
A comprehensive Vinyasa flow yoga class that most levels of practitioners find enjoyable. Moderately-paced, this class is appropriate for beginners that have an active lifestyle or for those that have some basic yoga background.

Express Sunrise Vinyasa Flow (All Levels): This hour-long express class will invigorate you for the day ahead with flowing sequences connected to breath-work. Come and relax with an early morning community of yogis as we awaken with the day. All levels are welcome!

Gentle / Dharma Gentle Yoga (All Levels)
This gentle class is intended for students of all levels who wish to experience a nurturing practice. The basic asanas (postures) are presented at a more relaxed pace in order to allow sufficient time to relax and make appropriate modifications as needed.

Gentle Therapeutic Yoga (All Levels)
Modern medicine is now beginning to prove that the practice of yoga is therapeutic in nature and healing to the body, mind, and spirit. Come join us as we take a fresh look at all of the health benefits that a yoga practice has to offer. This class will offer a slower-paced gentle yoga practice using props such as the wall, chair, bolsters, blocks, and straps. The focus is on the fundamentals of yoga, such as core strengthening, improving balance, and increasing flexibility. Appropriate for all levels as well as students who are recovering from injury or any kind of physical limitations.

Hatha Flow & Restore (All Levels)
This class incorporates the elements (and benefits) of Hatha and Restorative practices into one session! The first portion of the practice (60 minutes) will be dedicated to the Hatha sequence, which will build mental and physical strength through flowing movements. The latter portion of the class (30 minutes) will be devoted to a Restorative practice, in which one will use various props to promote passive stretching in the muscles and build strength within the connective tissue and fascia. Combined, these sequences will promote body awareness and a sense of mental stillness. This practice is recommended for all levels, from the absolute beginner to the advanced practitioner.

Hatha Yoga 1/2 (Beginner-Intermediate): This moderately-paced all-levels class builds on knowledge gained in Gentle Yoga/Yoga for Beginners. Refine your understanding of the principles of alignment and deepen your connection with your breath while continuing to build strength, endurance, and flexibility. Students will learn more challenging variations of the basic poses and be introduced to new postures with modifications as appropriate for each individual. This class is suitable for students who have completed at least one session or more of Yoga for Beginners and those who have some prior yoga knowledge.

Integral Hatha Yoga Level 1 (All Levels)
For students interested in a traditional style Hatha Yoga class, this is the methodology that was originally designed to systematically strengthen and purify the physical body, as well as calm the mind. Healthy energy flow and balance are restored through asana, sound vibration, pranayama (breathing), guided deep relaxation, and meditation. This is a comprehensive, balanced class with a steady flow, relaxation between asanas, and guided instruction throughout. First-time students are welcome.

Level 1 Iyengar-based class

This class will focus on coming into postures with awareness and refining alignment in the fundamental standing and seated poses. We will use props (blankets, blocks, and straps) in order to achieve correct alignment. We will work towards extending flexibility and strength in the body and developing a calm & stable mind. Although this is a beginner class, there is plenty of work here for experienced practitioners to refine their practice and build strength and stamina.

Morning Glory Yoga 1/2 (Beginner – Intermediate)
For beginners and experienced beginners, Yoga 1 introduces the principles of body alignment and breath awareness in basic yoga postures (asanas). Students will learn to connect breath with movement, how to transition in and out of postures, and safely modify poses through the use of props. Students will experience improved muscle tone and flexibility, increased circulation, better concentration, and a deeper sense of well-being in this active beginner’s class.

Power Flow & Restore (All Levels)
This class is a combination of effort meets ease!  Students will practice several variations of Namaskars and Vinyasas with sequences that will challenge them physically. They will sweat and detoxify through movement and pranayama exercises.  The class will close with 30-40 minutes of Restorative Yoga using props to provide support and complete relaxation and leave the practitioner balanced and ready for a good night’s sleep.  It is open to all levels, as modifications will be provided.

Pretend It’s Not Sunday Vinyasa Flow (Intermediate)
Get ready to move your body to the flow of your breath in this Vinyasa Flow class.  An invigorating asana practice will strengthen the body, while the focus of breath control will empty the mind of cluttered thoughts.  Synchronize your mind and body in this class to truly experience the present moment.

Solar Vinyasa (Hot Yoga-90 degrees F, Intermediate)
Solar Vinyasa classes combine the best of Vinyasa Flow with heat. Vinyasa= A dynamic style of yoga synchronized with breath and movement. The “solar” connection comes in when we emulate the sun by heating the room between 85-95 degrees in order to allow your body to welcome deeper stretching and detoxification. This is an open class for all levels. Please ensure that you bring a towel and that you are adequately hydrated prior to and during class!

Weekend Express Prana Flow & Go (All Levels): Are your weekends so busy that it is difficult to fit in a yoga practice? Now you can get into your weekend kicked off on the right foot by starting your day with “Prana Flow & Go” at 8:30am on Saturday mornings. Chris will lead you through a balanced practice that will nourish your mind, body, and soul in order to prepare you for whatever the rest of your weekend has in-store for you. Prana Flow Yoga cultivates strength & flexibility, skill & intuition, as well as vital energy & relaxation. “Embrace the flow and allow the prana (life force energy) to guide you.”

Yoga 101: The Basics (Beginner)
Yoga 101 is perfect for anyone who is new to yoga, or as a brush-up on the foundations of yoga for the more experienced yogi. This class will cover postures, alignment, and how to modify poses to fit your body’s needs. Breathwork and yoga philosophy will also be explored.

Yoga for Functional Fitness (All Levels): Yoga for Functional Fitness is a therapeutic approach to restoring your body back to the way it was designed to move in the performance of every day tasks –fluidly – without undue fatigue or pain. In this class, we will focus on integration: mapping the brain to the muscles in order to reduce chronic tension, improve normal range of motion in the joints, and strengthen the musculature of the body so that all bodily systems are functioning optimally. Students will develop greater body awareness, learn about their own unique asymmetries, and learn tools they can use “off the mat” in everyday life.


Kids Classes

Youthful Yogis (Kids Yoga – Age 12 and under)
This class utilizes weekly themes in order to introduce basic yoga poses, sequences, and principals to children of all ages. Yoga provides vital therapeutic benefits to children, including instilling the wisdom of breathing, playful movement, relaxation techniques, and affirmation in order to foster life-long success. Participants will use their imaginations while learning traditional yoga postures and inventing new ones of their own. Discussions and group exercises that may utilize music, storybooks, games, and props to emphasize empathy, positive thinking, teamwork, and Earth care will be drawn upon in order to create a cooperative environment in which yoga can be explored. Participants may bring their own yoga mats. This class is based on Radiant Child Yoga methodology.

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