Sage Yoga Damascus group tree poseWelcome to Sage Yoga!

Sage Yoga is the community gathering place for people of all ages interested in improving their health and well-being through the study and practice of yoga, and other mind-body disciplines. We offer classes, workshops and programs for practitioners of all levels: from the complete novice to the more experienced.

Located on Locust Drive in Damascus, MD, our beautiful 1,500 square foot studio is decorated in rich earthy tones to cultivate a sense of inner peace and tranquility supporting you on your journey of transformation to better health. Whether your goal is increasing your level of physical fitness, reducing stress, or just learning how to inhabit your body in a healthier way, we have a class for you.

Our teachers are all highly trained and committed to offering high-quality yoga. Though each instructor brings their own unique style and voice to class, we all share one goal:

Our vision is to provide a nurturing, empowering environment where each practitioner is encouraged to discover the innate wisdom of their own body, mind and heart.

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